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Final News

July 20, 2012, by Shimrra

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen,

after being in development for 6 years, this is a final status announcement for Ultimate Empire at War. With this post we are releasing our current version of the mod. As mentioned in other topics on our forum, it's not finished, but at least it is playable. More on that later. But first, let me good-bye the mod with a short history flashback of this project.

The history
Started back in 2006 by Augrunt, Ross and Jones, the idea was to create an ultimate mod, which enhances gameplay and gives FoC a more canonic touch. Leaded by Ross in the early days of the current homepage, the small team of these days was working on the well known UEaW V4 and released it in summer 2008. Continuing to improve their release and to start working on a successor the team restructured the command structure (the mod leader changed to doro) as well as the priorities – the eras were introduced. The next few years were an up and down of progress, team members and leaders. After Doro, Protoype took charge and afterwards a duumvirat of Evilbobthebob and LTCC (now known as Dr. von Wer) continued leadership of the mod. Most of the modelling progress was made in those days whilst coding was not at the top priority. Due to Evilbob leaving staff in summer 2010 and LTCC being busy with his education progress slowed down. Solar and myself took charge to start progress again. Unfortunately, solar too had to leave the team and so I was a lonely fighter for the next year. Although LTCC eventually came back after this time period, the mod had been already dead at this point for over a month. Now, another year later, the mod is released and officially declared as dead.

The current state
But we haven't slept in the years before 2012. Much progress has been accomplished – nearly all models and simple coding is finished at this time. Unit coding, mapping, scripting are also finished as included in the version we provide today. So in fact, UEaW is already a full product, but lacking some features – such as balancing, GC AI coding (AI scripting and skirmish AI is finished), bugfixing, VA (voice acting), some texts, death clones, model fixes and minor scripts.
You can find and download the current version at https://ultimate-empire-at-war.com/svn/

If you want to use any of the files, please pay attention to the LICENSE file in the \trunk folder.
Please do also take care to proper credit files we have got from other modders. You can find them in all details here. If I forgot someone to mention, do not hesitate to contact me, there might be some little mistakes due to the long line of previous and gone team members.

How to download the whole folder
It's actually pretty simple to do that. I will provide an easy 3-step manual.
1. Download a SVN client(for example Turtoise SVN). You might have to reboot your PC afterwards.
2. Create a folder in your Forces of Corruption mod-folder and name it something like UEaW_V1, or whatever you prefer.
3. Right-click the folder, select SVN checkout and enter as “URL of repository“ https://ultimate-empire-at-war.com/svn/trunk/
Then lean back and wait for the download to finish, which might actually take a while. Have a coffee, play a nice video game, entertain your friends by reciting a poem or maybe even go out and enjoy the nature – do whatever you prefer. Once it is finished, you're done – that's the current version of the mod. If you want to start it, use the Launch.bat located in the top level of your folder. If there are any updates, you can just right-click the folder again and select “SVN Update“.

May I finish UEaW?
Basically yes. You can complete the mod if you like to do so and PM me. I will check what you have done, maybe even declare another beta-test and if everything is alright, we will upload your version to the SVN system. You can get in touch with me using the PM system of ultimate-empire-at-war.com, moddb.com or send an e-mail to YuuzhanVong@gmx.de.
However, you are NOT allowed to make your own UEaW development group furthermore release what you've made in the name of UEaW without my consent.

At this point and as a last word, the whole team and myself want to say thanks to all our supporters, ex-team members, friends and especially fans. It was, at least for me, truly an honour to work for this mod and it really is a shame that we weren't able to finish UEaW. But who knows? Maybe in the future there eventually will be an excellent modder who finishes this mod.

Until then we hope you enjoy our current version and always remember to have fun.

Yours Sincerely

UEaW Leader