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Server Move

September 24, 2011, by Mike.nl

Hey everyone.

You may have noticed a bit of downtime recently. This was because we moved UEaW to another server; my server.

The previous server was slow, laggy and suffered from outages. Although graciously provided by Jones, we eventually decided to move the site to my server. Additionally, the DNS was transferred from Fynbos to me as well in order to consolidate everything related to UEaW. Some administrative... difficulties... made all this took a while before we were ready to go again, but here we are.

Hopefully, the new and improved server should allow the mod team to speed up development on the mod. Ultimate Empire at War is looking better with each day.

Also, along with moving the site to the new server, I took the liberty of upgrading the forum from SMF 1.1 to the recently released SMF 2.0, so some things about the forum may still be a bit rough. If you come across anything that you think shouldn't be the way it is, please let me know here.

- Mike