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March 7, 2011, by s-t-n

Hello everyone, and welcome to my first news post for UEAW!

Well, firstly, let me say that no...Shim hasn't died and gone to coder heaven. He is just very busy coding and we felt that it would be a much better use of time for me to write the post, not him...but more on that later. I am also happy to announce the return of Fynbos to the team, who was summoned by dark magic from the great beyond. Welcome back to the team! Okay, now all that is out of the way....Progress!

As of me writing this post, there are just 23 tasks left until UEAW is complete. Some of these are just simple tasks (like deleting certain text) while some are more complicated (such as coding the orbital structures). For a mod this large, that number is TINY. I have played the mod myself and, while it is most definitely playable, we don't want to cut the remaining features out just to release a sub-standard product a bit earlier...and I am sure you don't want that either!

Currently, Shimrra is the only person able to work on the mod [what code remains is very high level] and he is being a trooper. Over the past months he has taken the garbled mess of material that he inherited and created a truly amazing mod. However, this is starting to take its toll on him. Too much LUA can drive a person mad. So I hearby propose a morale boost for Shim. Comment with your supportive messages or just a "Keep it up Shim!" to let him know how many people he has behind him! If we can amass enough messages of support, I'm sure he can use his evil coder powers to drain the goodwill/happiness and forge a few more pages of code to bring us that little bit closer to completion!

I should also point out our site is having a few problems, so we apologise that it is so slow to load. Patience is rewarded, however, as it does still work. We hope to have the problem fixed soon.

So, that is all for now. I bid you all farewell and a safe journey through the inter-tubes!