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End of July News: Beta Testing and the Dev's Blog

July 31, 2010, by Lt Commander Chris

Good Morning, all - LTCC here, and I'm writing at an unholy hour here in the UK!

A few news posts for you all; we've released the latest edition of our Dev's Blog - #9 - which not only provides some brand new eye-candy, but also provides important information about beta-testing! Please find the Blog here!

We won't be starting even the Beta-1 Testing detailed in the Blog for a few weeks yet, but want to be prepared early. Those of you who have been with us for a while can find an application thread here, but be advised: Beta-1 places are all but reserved for our long-time devotees and there are no more than 3 places presently available - read the thread and especially the blog for more info (more open places will be available for Beta-2).

Thanks again - the bulk of our news is in the Blog, so navigate there -

UEaW Project Leader