Ultimate Empire at War News Archive

June Update

June 13, 2009, by prototype

New Leader
There has been some talk regarding change of management, well to make it clear, yes it's true.  Doro had other important real life priorities to take care of and in doing so, couldn't spend the appropriate time for UEAW anymore and decided to resign as project lead.  As Co Leader, I've taken his position to fill for the time being.  We all thank him for being part of the team for so long and the hard work he poured into everything he did.  We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavours.  During this process I will continue to manage the mod and see to it that V1 will be released.  Recently we have overcome some giant hills and had a burst of progress.  I had envisioned we would get to this point and my expectation is we will continue to do. 

Lt Commander Chris has taken the reigns of coding (besides showing off those modeling skills) since Grim left and we have had a growth spurt for Voice Actors, also Jones has returned to UEAW.  For those unaware, Jones started out with us since the beginning so we are glad to have him back.

Map Preview
We've been cooking up some interesting new maps.  Here is a little preview for Endor:

     (click pic)

Final Notes
Our objective for the Mod is to output top quality and therefore, will never rush its release.  To everyone who has been patiently waiting for UEAW's release, sorry for the wait, but things are moving along and you will not be disappointed when it's done.