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4.0.65 and Forum back online

November 30, 2008, by Doro

Hey Fokes, Moments ago I put the latest update onto the Updater; Version 4.0.65.

Version 4.0.65 Changelog

- GC Maps fixed; Bastion Land; Bastion Space; Mechis 3 Space

- New Space Skirmish Map: Geonisis Space Rumble
- Removed limit on space stations in GC
- Added Changelog to updater

Also; The Forum Maintenance has now passed and the forum is now back online.



4.0.65, Forum Downtime Schedule, and RSS!

November 30, 2008, by prototype

Quick Update for the weekend.

4.0.65 Update
Another update is coming sooner than excepted, in fact it's coming this weekend on Sunday.  Be prepared, this will be a minor update but fixes of few bugs.  More details will be on the forum when it's released.

Forum Maintenance
A little forum maintenance is needed so around 8 GMT on Sunday, the forums will be not available for up to 2 hours.  Part of our update will allow everyone to start using the new comment section on our front page news.

Got a mobile device or a program that uses RSS?  Well now you can start using it for UEAW and be in the first to know.  To access it, just click on the RSS feed button on your browser.

These updates should make your weekend a little more sweeter.