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November 25, 2008, by Doro

Hello once again fokes; Yes, I know, there has been a complete lack of News, but fear not! Down and out, we are not, we are alive, and Kicking!!

New News System
I can't remember, it might have been yesterday, or the day before. But we changed over to a new news system, which means its really easy for us to make news posts, and for you guys to leave comments and discuss it in detail! See the comments button down there, click it and it takes you to a forum post! So Leave your comments for us, but be aware, they are tightly moderated! You might have noticed, you might not have, but now you are!

Lets see here, what else have we got here, oh yeah;

We're in semi-desperate need of Modellers, Skinner and Finallizers, and if you can UV map that's a added bonus; If you have these talents, please apply HERE and make sure you post an example of your work. Next up;

Enrichment, Map packs, Updater update coming soonish
As you may have noticed, that somewhere around Mod Discussion, there is a number of Enrichment packages available, these do some modifications to hardpoints, and fire-power. Feel free to check these out. Also; EvilBob has released a update to his Map Pack which creates a few fixes to a few certain issues, so if you've been using these, it's best to catch this soon. A New update will be released in the next week or so (4.0.67 I believe - Nope, 4.0.65) It will make a few map fixes, but no major additions.  Head over to the Download area to get the updated map pack which includes version 1 and 2 and fixes a preview error on Trandosha Assault.

Hmm, What else; Oh yeah: Maintenance downtime next Sunday
Next Sunday [like November 30th] The forum will be put into maintenance mode for a couple of hours; while we update some things, clean stuff up, and generally make the place more pleasant to look at. So please be aware that the forum might will be unavailable at some point Sunday; I will update this will a time when we decided one. Watch This Space!

Wanted: Dead or Alive
WANTED: UEAW_Test_Map.ted (or it might be called UEAW_Deep_Space ) and UEAW_Deep_Space_3.ted (or something similar). Basically; I lost these maps I made, and I think at least one of them went around to some people; so I am hoping that someone out there has these maps, and will willingly return me a copy.

Reward: 1,000,000 Cookies + Title to say "I Won 1 Million Cookies"

PM me(Doro) if you have any information, or have the map.


Thats it Comrades; I'm out, check back soon for more NEWS FROM UEAW!