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UEAW V4.0.64 Release

May 27, 2008, by prototype

Hey UEAW Fans! I'm please to announce that UEAW V4 is being updated to V4.0.64(the previous version being V4.0.63) V4.0.64 has several fantastic fixes which the team has worked hard to bring you.

UEAW V4 Changelog

UEAW V4.0.64

Forces of Corruption Campaign Fix; Can Now Complete Campaign while playing UEAW. Previously the Game would not allow you to pass the Hypori Droidworks, we've set the mission to end when you disable the droids, we know it cuts out several important cut scenes, but it was the best we could do.

Nebula Star Destroyer and Eclipse Super Star Destroyer Fix; The Previously Offered Manual Fix for the Nebula and Eclipse which fixed a error in our coding is now available on here.

New Land Skirmish Map; Kessel Creator Chaos

All you need to do to receive this update is to open your UEAW V4 updater and find and install the updates, if you don't have the updater, you can find it in the download section here.

Next Month, we hope to bring you some exclusive screens of some of the finished Units for V1

Until Next Time, Stay Safe!