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May Updates; New Mod Leader

May 19, 2008, by prototype

Hey UEAW Fans! And Welcome to the latest UEAW Update! I know there was no update for april but there has been some changes since the last update.

Sad News...and Good News...

Ross, our esteemed leader, well former esteemed leader, has stepped down from the leadership position of UEAW. Of Course life tends to gets the best of many people, but his decision has been finalized and a new UEAW Leader has been appointed. He Writes;

"I think this has been coming for a while, unfortunately.

I feel I must take a hiatus from at least being mod leader, as real life concerns are hitting me, and I feel that I can't dedicate the time necessary to the mod to truly be a leader. I will still continue to finalise models for the mod during the holidays, and lend my expertise and whatnot too, but what this mod needs is someone with spare time and the drive to pursue and push the mod to the level it so badly deserves.

It's been a pleasure leading this mod, especially due to all of the support given from our fans.

After a brief applications process, Doro has been chosen to succeed me, so everyone can now direct questions, comments, rants and whatnot to him. Also, give him all the support that you gave me!


ps. I won't be that much of a stranger, i'll still be part of the team, and i'll check in regularly Pleased"

So, as you gather from this post; I, Myself has been appointed Mod Leader. I pledge that the team will finish the V1, and it'll be as great as we say it will be!

Staff Members Needed

We are in urgent need of Skinners to work on our models; as well as Modelers to create those models. We are not however looking for Mappers or Coders at this time.

Sneak Preview

If all goes well, this time next month i hope to have a few things to give you all a sneak preview of some of the things to come in the mod; including some new units!

Now, Until Next time! Keep Watching the Forums, and this Space!

Doro - New Mod Leader