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March Updates

March 16, 2008, by prototype

Hey UEAW Fans! and Welcome to another UEAW News Update! its been just over a month since we updated you last and theres been quite a lot of progress since!

Requests system

A couple of weeks ago we completely reorganized the requests system. We now have a much more efficient requests system, we have separate boards for different requests. You post in the relative board, depending on the nature of your request; Space, Land or Other Features. each of these sections has its own dealt with board, so make sure to look though this before posting your request so your not repeating anything.

New Team Member

We would like to formally welcome Lt Commander Chris to the UEAW team, who joins us as a XML Coder. We would also like to say that we do not need any more XML Coders at this time, but we do have other openings. If you do apply for such an opening please, please, please; Post an example of your work!

1000 hours!

I would like to thank all UEAW Clan Members who have contributed towards breaking over 1000 hours of play. Congratulations; we're still looking for new clan members. We currently have; 1,484 hours, no wait; 1,680 hours, we're nearly at our new target of 2000 hours. Over 1500 hours is a great accomplishment for being made from just 2 games(Empire at War and Forces of Corruption.)

For now that is all, So until next time; Stay Tuned to UEAW!