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An Update...

August 6, 2007, by prototype

Sorry it's been a while since the last update, a lot of changes in the mod have been going on, and real life's been taking a big chunk out of all of us. Now, where to start...

The Mod and Team Status.

As you might have noticed, there have been a few figures missing from the forums for a while. Soon, the Staff page will be updated to show the people who are on a leave of absence, and who is still active and here. This brings me around to my next point, which is that with less staff, the mod will be working at a much slower pace. However, we are still here, and we are not about to let UEAW die, like some other mods.

UEAW v4 and Beyond...

After the release of v4, we stepped back, and took a look at the direction we wanted the mod to go in. We decided on changing the version number back to 1 for the full release of the mod, to signify our first, full mod release. I then drafted the space Unit List, which detailed all of the space units that were going to be included into the mod. This is now the basis of our work, and a Land one will be coming soon. However, quite a lot of the models on the list are not modelled for us yet, so there is plenty of work still to be done. We value your support of the mod in these times, so please, keep the forums active and full.

New Additions

After I posted the Unit list, there were quite a few people who said; "What, no Eclipse?". At first, I stood by my descision to not include the Eclipse. However, in time, your arguments swayed me, and it is now being included into the final mod, and will be released in a patch for v4 very soon. Whatever you may think, we do listen and take note of our users in the forums!

I'd also love to welcome Johan Van Der Vohet (Soundgram), who has volunteered his time and effort to create the mod a sublime soundtrack! You will hear more about this in the forums soon.

If you feel you can do a job for us, please, visit the 'Join the Team' forum and look at the topics. We are in need of Modellers, UV Unwrappers and Texturers at the moment, so if you have any of those skills, then don't hesistate to apply!

I guess that's all I have to say at the moment, apart from to thank our fans and players who have stuck with us through it all, for a mod is nothing without players.

-Ross, Temporary Leader