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UEAW V4 Released!

March 30, 2007, by prototype

Here it is everyone, v4 of UEAW. It's been a long wait since we released v3 for the regular EAW. We've included new units, heroes, planets, maps and other great stuff. For a detailed list of what is included, check out the forum news release. You can grab the installer for v4 in the downloads section of the site. Please note that there are different downloads - a single download for the installer, as well as a download broken into 3 pieces for those of you on 56k and slower connections. This release also features the premier of our new auto-updater. Whenever we need to release updates, bug fixes or additions to the mod, you can automatically or manually download them with the installer without having to re-download the whole install file again. Thanks to Mike.nl for this wonderful program. Special thanks goes out to the team for all the work they put into this, especially the coding and beta testing departments. This is by far, nothing compared to what we have planned for the final mod. However, enjoy this release as we continue to move forward in completing the mod.