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  • May 25, 2017, 11:53 pm
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Author Topic: A THANK YOU from an ORIGINAL  (Read 801 times)


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« on: February 13, 2016, 09:36 am »

(((disclaimer, please don't judge me for the caps,typos and everything...my keyboard is shot and busted and it takes a lot of effort to repair every stick..sorry in advance))

Thank You Shimra,Ross,Solar,EvilBob,,
=I don't remember everyone because my wife was Pregnant with our only child around this time or shortly after..Shes almost 9 LOL!!

-But I remember a poster with something bout "MEEKRATS"

-And I also at the time I had just completed the NEW JEDI ORDER/NJO..

-Shimra,,,WHAT A READ HUH?>>!  I ASSUME YOU READ IT CAUSe of youre name (oops caps)

-Funny how it was Ommni the whooooole time and SHimra was a puppet by a Vong who crafted World brain to his own...amazing...
---Those who have read the NJO are very very few and once every 5 years I meet someone...
---To this day I'm looking to sell my GFFA 170+ book collection...for the price of $0.0  but TLC Galore and I atleast demand video visiting rights...:D

---Seriously though,,i have 3 supersized plastic storage bins.. 2 hard covers(all barnes & noble) and 1 soft & 1 rare and special which is in my closet right now...
--So everyone I come across is either greedyw ith dollar signs or wont covet them.....
Shimra,,,if you know someone then for the moment just assume a internet stranger is a normal dude who someone will have to see facebook and blhablah and one day maybe it happens and everyone did a good deed and all are happy...I just cant blindly donate them. I'm too attached. and not because of money,,but because I bought everyone and some 2 & 3 times...

-Ive bought courtship of Leia 3 times,,, all tiume 2nd favorite)
--Shadows of Empire 3 times.
Traitor twice(all time favorite!

Back to UEAW
--I HAVENT pc GAMED SINCE 2010.   ONLY last week did I get a new gaming rig...and the caps button keeps hitting my pinky..ugh!! so that's why its all caps..

--BUT I never stopped thinking about UEAW and Phoenix rising...I oculdnt even play Phoenix rising because it demanded a super pc rig.. so ill do phoenix later...
But I'm dying for Version 4.  the one that introduced the Reoublic nebula crusier that poops B wings. and I loooove the imperial; force users ESP on that planet they only cost 1 dollar.....im super stoked....and for this gay~[censored] happiness I owe a lame [censored] thank you and that's this...despite me being brand new to steam and buying all the new games etc,,I'm here playing EAW..lol   

((last weeks steam, sale was my 1st steam purchase ever & I bought the $22. dollar Star Wars bundle that came with
EAW Gold
All the jedi knight,outcast,academy
both force unleashed
Republic commando
Battlefront 2(last good BATTLEFRONT)   :(:(:(   but
-KOTOR 1 +2
Starfighter(the 1st game not jedi) awesome from ps2 days
and lastly some republic heroes clone wars gay game....

not bad for $20  probably [lay all of them except republic heroes....

I'm gonna see if I remember how to install this mod....

its a shame that this didn't get finished...I always fealt terrible for all the leaders as they accepted the truthg that the ambition was just toooo big.. but the idea was brilliant,,,
--I wonder how that Phoenix dude was able to complete his super mod. and io think solo.. wtf..

---I like what the main page said about " maybe some day a modder will complete this.."

well I promise you this = if I hit the lotto or my cleaning company makes me a millionare(lololol it barely brings in 100k)  I promise to hire the best of th ebest to finish it and demand that they have this team involved.......

92% of teens listen to (c)rap. If you are one of the 8% who don't, post this in your signiature.

-I post everyday at Ultimate Empire At War & all i got was a stinking T-shirt that said "RUP"..


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« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2016, 06:41 pm »

Well, those of us who have read the NJO will become even fewer over the next years, seeing as disney spat on the EU and declared everything fanon. And has already done a good job (read: bad) at making a new universe while ripping ideas from the EU.

Nice purchase you got there, but some of the older games will probably not run very well with a 64-bit system (or a windows 7 for that measure). Try using a virtual machine (VM Ware Player comes to mind) and a 32-bit windows xp. Both are available with a little bit of googling and should be able to run all the games that you can't run anymore.

As for Phoenix Rising, they used a lot of lower quality models or models by 3rd parties (which is no shame, but explains the quantity). There are other good mods in that regard, I recommend checking out a modder named Jeroenimo, he has the quality and quantity.
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