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  • May 25, 2017, 11:49 pm
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Author Topic: Why isn't the FoC 1.1 patch we need for the game in the Downloads section?  (Read 1310 times)

Master rage

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My computer can't read discs anymore so I'm trying to download UEAW on my old computer.
It says that it needs the FoC 1.1 patch but I can't find it anywhere here.
Every time I tried to find it on Google or in the forums I don't find it. It takes me to something which downloads something else (usually other nuisance software) or a page which wants my mobile number (which I will not risk giving.)

To simplify all this searching I suggest placing the patch in the downloads link on the homepage.

Meanwhile, I can't play the MOD. (Although the retail version works fine, it's just not as much fun.)


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SAME HERE Bro.....

-Just downloaded this after a 6 year hiatus and it wants the patch to install the mod installer...I found the patch 1.1 and downloaded it but then the eff'n patch installer says "cant find FOC re install from cd rom..wtf...this was soooo much easier back in 2007'ish...man I just want nebula star destroyers and those Empire force users that cost $1 dollar on Kamino...and its lkike the Rebs know this as they put a massive force protecting Kamino...bastards!!!

--I wont be giving up...ill show up at Shimmra's house desquised as the pizza man....
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After a quick google search, I found a download link on 4players as the topmost result, so there is that.
I don't know how you installed your FoC, if you used the gold edition, the 1.1 patch is already included (and the patcher won't recognized the gold FoC edition, since it uses different registry entries).

To reply to the original post: We're not responsible for maintaining a copy of the official FoC patch. It is Petroglyphs/LucasArts responsibility. But as I already said, the patch is still available on different sites.
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